SCM Marchant and Cogito Electronic Calculators

updated July 19, 1999

The SCM (Smith-Corona Marchant) company manufactured a number of electronic calculators in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The early machines were named "Cogito", meaning "to think" in latin. Some of the later machines had either a Marchant model number or just a model number.

Following are photographs of several machines from the SCM portfolio. Additional information regarding the machines' operation and will be added later.

SCM Marchant I 8-digit portable Nixie-Tube Calculator

The Marchant I is probably the smallest electronic calculator to use nixie tubes for the display. It was packaged for portable use, with a slide-up keyboard cover and a flip-up display cover to protect the machine when tossed into a briefcase. The machine contained a Ni-Cad battery pack so that it could be truly "portable" - although it was far too large to be considered a "pocket calculator".

SCM Marchant 410 10-digit Nixie-Tube Calculator

SCM Marchant Cogito 414 14-digit Nixie-Tube Calculator

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