Desktop Scientific Calculators manufactured by CompuCorp

updated July 15, 1999

The Computer Design Corporation of Los Angeles, California, also known as CompuCorp, manufactured a number of desktop scientific and special-function calculators in the early 1970s. Many of these machines were manufactured for the Monroe company, which already had a major distribution and repair system set up throughout the company.

Following are photographs of several machines from the CompuCorp portfolio. Additional information regarding the machines' operation and programming will be added soon.

CompuCorp 122E "Scientist" Scientific Programmable Nixie-Tube Calculator

CompuCorp 140 "Statistician" Scientific/Statistics Nixie-Tube Calculator

CompuCorp 250-1 "Trader" Desktop Nixie-Tube Calculator with Bond Trading functions

Monroe 1655 Scientific Programmable Nixie-Tube Calculator

Monroe 1765 Surveyor Programmable Printing Calculator

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