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Updated January 12, 1998

These articles are reproduced with permission from the Hewlett-Packard publication HP KEY NOTES. All articles are copyrighted by the Hewlett-Packard Company.


HP KEY NOTES was a newsletter that was sent out by Hewlett-Packard to owners of early model HP handheld programmable calculators. The newsletter was usually a combination of information from HP about new accessories, information regarding the HP-run User's Program Library, and tips about using the calculators. Initially, HP KEY NOTES was provided free for a while to HP-65 owners, then moved to a subscription basis about the same time as the HP-67 came out. HP KEY NOTES later covered the HP41C family and peripherals.

The articles re-published here are done so with the permission of the Hewlett- Packard company in the interest of preserving the history and technology behind these pioneering machines.


From Vol. 6, No. 1 - January-February, 1982:

HP-IL Introduction

Three New (HP-41) Modules Introduced

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